UFC 79: Nemesis


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Here's the card:


Matt Hughes v Georges St. Pierre (for the interim welterweight championship)

Chuck Liddell v Wanderlei Silva

Lyoto Machida v Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

Rich Clementi v Melvin Guillard

Eddie Sanchez v Soa Palalei


James Irvin v Luis Cane

Tony DeSouza v Roan Carneiro

Nate Mohr v Manvel Gamburyan

Dean Lister v Jordan Radev

Doug Evans v Mark Bocek

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure I'm ordering this one. As awesome as it will be to see GSP crush Matt Hughes (again), I was really looking forward to Serra v Hughes.

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I missed the first two GSP/Hughes matches so this ones fresh to me. That plus Liddell/Silva and the prospect of Sokoudjou destroying Machida makes this show a must-see for me. Plus its on Bravo in the UK on Sunday evening and thats part of my existing cable package. Plus we might get to see Manny's prelim.

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As a huge mma fan, I'm looking forward to this for, but in my heart I know the fights probably won't be that good. Sokoudjou should run through his opponnet, Silva hasn't been top since his win over rampage, and Liddel looked horrible losing to Jardine. As for the main event, as big a Hughs fan as I am, I don't see him taking this.

I agree with Drq, I'd rather have the Anvil on here then Sanchez.

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A lot of people are talking like Hughes doesn't have a chance here, and even though I'm picking GSP, you would have to be an idiot to count out Hughes.

GSP by KO 3rd.

Liddell looked horrible against Jardine, and unless he's stepped up his game, Silva should take this.

Silva KO 2rd.

Sokoudjou Ko 1rd.

Melvin will be too much for Rich and it should end early.

Melvin KO 1 rd.

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Clementi / Guillard: The fight itself wasn't anything special, but I love seeing actual hatred displayed in the octagon. Don't get me wrong, it's great that most of the fighters respect one another, but this level of anger isn't seen often -- so it's something different.

Machida / Sokoudjou: Though Sokoudjou's entrance was badass, sadly he didn't live up to the hype. To me he seems like PRIDE's version of Houston Alexander; despite his heavy hands, he basically lacks experience.

Sanchez / Palalei: :zzz:

Liddell / Silva: Fun three-round fight, but the historical significance was lost on me. I'd like to see Silva take on Rashad and / or Forrest in the near future. Hell, I'd really like to see him fight Babalu, but that shit ain't gonna happen. Question is, where does Chuck go from here? Jardine, Forrest and Evans are all ahead of him when it comes to title shots, so who's that leave Chuck to fight -- Dan Henderson or Houston Alexander maybe?

Hughes / St. Pierre: GSP is awesome! To make Matt freaking Hughes verbally submit is an impossible feat, yet he did it. Had I never seen Hughes fight before, I would have thought he was a ham 'n' egger, that's how badly St. Pierre schooled him.

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I don't think Rashad is ahead of Chuck on the LHW ladder at all, Yoda. In fact, if Tito doesn't quit being such a bitch about their rematch, I'd be surprised if they don't do Evans / Liddell next. Hendo / Chuck would be great, but Dan's already got a fight lined up for March and they'll probably want Liddell to fight again fairly soon after that.

I missed this card, wound up attending a party that night. I saw the Chuck / Wandy and GSP / Hughes matches the next morning, though. Both fights were fine... not great, not bad, just fine.

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Yeah, but Rashad hasn't really beaten anyone on the upper tier yet. Even Tito, who is borderline these days, took him to a draw and would have snagged the decision if he hadn't been docked a point for grabbing the fence. And that's a guy who Chuck destroyed convincingly on two occasions... the most recent barely a year ago.

You could say Forrest doesn't deserve a title shot, because Tito beat him, but Griffin has a huge win over Shogun to his credit and is kind of a right-person-right-time kind of guy at the moment. None of Rashad's victories have been anywhere near that meaningful.

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