The Death of Batman


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Street Fighter. Bloodrayne. Saw IV. All of these are movies I have reviewed and dissected with the fury of a thousand hells. One reason those films deserved the thrashings I gave them was because they had huge budgets and they still failed miserably. However, the film I'm reviewing in this installment of Tranquil Tirades is not a big-budget, silver screen feature - it's a fan film. Thus, there was a certain level of reluctance when deciding to write about it - especially considering I create music videos, which are really fan films in their own way. (The whole "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" proverb springs to mind.) However, this fan film doesn't deserve any restraint on my part. It is an utter abomination. It takes the character of Batman and mangles it, violates it, eats it and regurgitates it into a 28-minute mountain of bile. If you ever liked anything about Batman - the comic books, the movies, the TV show, the cartoons, the character - do not watch this movie. Ever. You have been warned.

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I had never even heard of it before a listener sent in an e-mail asking us what we thought about it. When Mike sent me a link to it, I just sat there in horror for that brutally long 30 minutes. exployda.gif

After that, I felt it was my civic DUTY to tell you all how wretched it was.

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