Return of Chucky

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So far info on this, has been hush hush, unless your a fan of the series. Grant it with every sequel the films have gotten worse. Bride of Chucky decided to change it up a bit, by adding more comedy than the previous movies. Seed of Chucky went way overboard with it and pretty much killed the series. As a loyal fan of Chucky himself a part of me is looking forward to this film, but another part of me isn't. I hope that they decide to go back to the basics of the original. So far the date for its release has been made for October 30th 2008, but it can always change. Brad Dourif will return as the voice, I'm not sure if Jennifer Tily has officially signed on yet, but if Tiffany is a part of the film she most likely will be.

This coincides with a possible remake of Child's Play which has been brewing almost as long as this sequel. Brad Dourif is expected to reprise his voice for this film too. Here's to hoping.

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I liked Bride of Chucky.

I liked it too, don't get me wrong. I like all of them to some extent and Bride of Chucky is my favorite sequel. This my list from best to worse:

Child's Play(1988)

Bride of Chucky(1998)

Child's Play II(1990)

Child's Play III (1991)

Seed of Chucky (2004)

Oh and Return of Chucky is just one of the few names the studio might go with. It was being called at one point Revenge of Chucky. Most likely we will get the remake first though, seeing that David Kirschner and Dan Mancini are looking forward to the remake. Either way Brad Dourif is ready for either one(although, he's only been cast in the sequel).

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What happened to Andy after Child's Play 3?

They never say, Alex Vincent retired from acting after part II, made occasional appearances in TV and film. Originally Child's Play III took place a year after Child's Play II, but because Alex Vincent said no they decided to age him to age 16. Reports have said that for the sequel they have made attempts to get Alex Vincent to return, but so far hasn't worked. If he was to return to the remake he would probably take Chris Sarandon's role of the Police Detective Norris.

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