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Well after discovering the Wikipedia site devoted to the DCAU series; I thought to myself, "Well there has to be a series that are devoted to by Wiki. "

Here are some of them: (A Wiki site devoted to all things Super Mario) (Devoted to the world of Hercules and Xena) (Devoted to the Mortal Kombat Franchise) (Devoted to the World of Buffy and Angel) (Devoted to the world of Indiana Jones) (Devoted to the world of Star Wars) (Devoted to the world of Sonic The Hedgehog) (Cevoted to the world of Superman; this includes the DCAU) (Devoted to the world of Batman; this includes the DCAU) (Devoted to the world of Streetfighter) (Devoted to the world of Tekken) (Devoted to everything made by View Askew the people who bought us Jay and Silent Bob) (Devoted to all the Trekkies out there)

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