The Crows(Working Title) and Female Crow(Working Title)


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Ok, so I've had this idea for a while, touching it up every now and than, expanding little by little. I heard : The Show(Episode 200) and thought I'd share my idea.

Now first off, this will be a sequel to The Crow and The Crow: City of Angels(you'll find out why part II is in canon)and will be the first part of a two story movie(which will end in a cliffhanger of sorts and continue into a new film).

The story structure will be very dark and gritty, keeping up with the look and feel of the original and will have a timeless feel to it. Parts 3 and 4 will have little to no mention(haven't decided yet).

I am now working more on it so it will be much more fleshed out and I will post little by little the story as I get it to my liking. The characters I will bring back is Officer Albrecht(he'll be in the next film, I'm not sure yet if he'll make a cameo here), the female officer we see in The Crow will be Mrs Albrecht, but will now be Detective Albrecht(as she has been promoted since the first film)and will figure heavily in the following film. A mystery character from the first will make appearances(I'm not telling, lol)and the stories will come in contrast with events from the first and second film. We may get flashbacks to events that happened in the first, but weren't seen on film and some that may have been in the first.

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Okay here is the first part of what I have written tonight, remember this is a work improgress, so I will polish it over and over again.


Based on the characters created by James O’ Barr

Outline Written by Eric Curto

Story will start off with a Crow flying over a dark, unpleasant city in the dead of night, nothing but police and fire truck sirens can be heard. Than the noise will fade out as a mysterious voice will begin the narration of what the "Legend of The Crow" is (we will find out who this character is at the end of the next film and have an off-screen voice cameo from her in this one).

After the narration we see through the eyes of The Crow, we see the inside of what appears to be the home of an ex-con as he is coming home from a job(haven't decided on what job he would have being an ex-con). As he walks in he is knocked out and blacks out. When he awakens he is tide up and see 3 thug-like junkies holding his girl and is forced to watch as they start to torture and cut her. He is also beaten pretty badly to the point that he can't lift his head up, he says in a crackly gasping voice "I'm sorry, please let her go? "(we will find out why these guys have tortured them soon). His head is than forced back up and like Malcolm McDowell in "A Clockwork Orange" his eyes are taped open, as they stab his girlfriend repeatedly and force him to watch. They let go of her as she slowly crawls to him. She goes to hold his hand and is shot dead before their fingers touch. As he watches the blood from her body slowly spill out of her onto the floor, his hair is grabbed and throat slit. Than we see through dying eyes their boots as they walk out and we hear them say "That's what he gets from skipping on a job. "

The Crow is seen sitting outside the man's window cawing(making noise), a few hours later, the man wakes up and is delirious as he comes to see and realize him and his girlfriends death. We see him touch her as he gets flashes of what happened(and hopefully get the Gramme Revill music)as he begins to stroke her forehead sobbing, rocking her back and forth as he begins to scream, we see that the screams are so loud that 3 blocks away the 3 guys responsible hear the screams as they are beating on a homeless man for his money.

We come back to the apartment and the man gets up and walks past a mirror, noticing the blood has formed the make up seen in the previous films, he decides to burn his skin in that way. When he gets done, he notices The Crow outside his window, as he goes closer to it, The Crow flies off. Suddenly we get an up close look at the man and than through the eyes of The Crow, we can see where it lands in front of the loft where Eric Draven and Shelley Webster were murdered. It is now boarded up, with only the loft top window still recognizable. The man(we'll name him Judas) goes there, seeing The Crow, he hears a strange voice, coming from out of no where "Judas, I am the Skull Cowboy, I have come to tell you what your one and only mission is" Judas replies, "What are you?" The Skull Cowboy says, "Think of me as an advisor or mentor in the vengeance of the death of your true love. " Not seeing anything he shoves it off as nothing more than his imagination.

The next night, we see the gentlemen gathered together in a dingy old warehouse and it appears that their talking to someone who we can’t see. A female’s voice(the one we heard earlier in the narration)begins to speak, saying to them(they appear frightened), “So you got the job done?” “Yes, “ they reply…”Than why do I hear that only one body has been found?” “ I don’t know, we saw them both die. “ The scene than ends with a shadowed smile.

We than find ourselves back to where Judas is and who has now managed to get himself a new outfit and is walking the streets. He sees one of the men in an alley way attempting to rape a young woman(no more than 16, 17) , we get a flashback sequence with Judas and a few men being told that they need to settle this tenant problem anyway possible(hopefully get Wincott back to cameo as Top Dollar in flashbacks). We than see the man telling the young girl to hold still and do what he says or he’ll cut her so much, she won’t be good to any man ever again. She begins to sob heavily as he begins to slowly slide his switchblade up her skirt. Suddenly he hears a noise and turns around to see what it is. As he investigates, the young woman slides down on the ground, emotionally too weak to run yet. He comes upon a big garbage bin and slowly picks the lid up, as he is ready to strike with his knife inside, he sees nothing but a rat crawl out. He begins to laugh, when he turns around, Judas appears and takes his knife and sticks it so hard in his hand and though his leg, he can’t move. He look towards the girl and tells her to lose, she runs off. As he is looking toward the woman, the man rips the knife out and stabs him in the back, Judas swings at him sending him flying in a pile of garbage, picking him up, he ask “Have you made piece with the devil” and before he can answer he shoves his heard in the garbage bin and slams the lid so hard it decapitates him.

Judas goes to tend to his wound and sees that it is already healed, with just a little blood present. The voice of The Skull Cowboy appears and explain to Judas that he must carry out his mission and avenge the death of his girlfriend, he will find no piece and his soul won’t rest until he does. As long as The Crow breathes life and his mission isn’t complete he is immortal.

Judas glees with a smile and tells the Skull Cowboy, “Don’t wait up” and as the police sirens begin to be heard getting closer, he disappears without a trace as the young woman is seen running into the alley way and screaming at the site of the decapitated body.

Fade to black…

We begin to hear phones ringing and crowds talking all at once as

Fade Out of Black…

We pan out from a picture of Officer Albrecht and his wife Sharon(who is now Detective Albrecht). Officer Albrecht sits at his desk, now working in a desk job, for the continuing look into the death of Sarah(at the end of the 2nd film)and begins to hear an APB over the CB Radio about the death of local hoodlum Andy Wright(the man who was decapitated)the cops are given a description by the woman who was almost raped by Andy as a man 5’9, Medium Build with his face cut up like the “Sad Clown”. He grabs his jacket and heads down there. Meanwhile. His wife Detective Albrecht is already there investigating for any evidence that might have been left at the crime scene. She notices a splash of blood found a few inches away from the body and scoops it up to analyze as it looks weird. We hear commotion coming from the police as Albrecht arrives at the scene and is told he is no longer allowed to interfere with outside police work. Detective Albrecht tells the officer to please let him through, she’ll take the heat. Officer Albrecht confides in Sharon that he may know how to find out what happened here. She replies “Not your coming back from the dead, theory again” and he replies “Honey, I’m telling you it happened, you may not want to believe in it, but how else do you explain Top Dollars death? “Or the fact that when Sarah died she was seen being held by a man with a painted face?” she replies “I don’t know, all I know is your obsession with Eric and Sarah is what put you out of the streets and on the desk.” Sharon says, “Let me handle this, please, let me do my job, “ He replies “Alright, but please promise me you’ll keep an open mind and explore it from all possible and impossible angles, “ “Okay” she says.

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