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Alright, so in Countdown #2, Darkseid is ready to kick ass (he's been out of bubble gum for awhile now) when Orion shows up. But wait! Orion died in Death of The New Gods so how can he still be alive? Well, his death was off camera so it is possible that he's still alive. But wait! Didn't Supes and Miracle see his helmet floating in space? That doesn't mean anything, classic misleading...what's that? He's wearing the helmet in Countdown?


Uh...he went back to New Genesis while the New Gods are dying around him to pick up a helmet?


Nope, I've got nothing.

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Could Death of the New Gods take place after Countdown? I'm reading neither, so I don't know.

I'm pretty sure it's concurrent. Orion looked beat to all kinds of hell when he showed up. Plus

Orion killed Darkseid by ripping his heart from his chest and fulfilling the mystical ancient prophecy.


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