So what's the order?

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hey guys!

i was listening to worlds finest and it was great but it got me wondering about the whole dcau:

in what order will you review things after the new batman adventures and superman finish?

i mean i haven't seen static or zeta :shakehead (cause static was on at odd times and zeta was never on over here!) so i don't know where they fit in and such?

so how do things work out?

in what order will you be reviewing the shows?


and also on a sad note as you said in one of the last shows their is a definitive end to worlds finest, but would you guys be working on another podcast together after that on a different subject?(like the 90's spider-man cartoon and x-men) just wondering i know it's years off, but it'll just answer a question i wondered.

thanks again for doing the greatest podcast EVER!


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Starting with WFP 28 we'll begin reviewing Superman: TAS and Gotham Knight together. After that, here's the order:

- Mystery of the Batwoman

- Batman Beyond (plus Return of the Joker)

- Gotham Girls and Lobo (webtoons; this will take one, maybe two episodes)

- The Zeta Project

- Static Shock

- Justice League

- Teen Titans (plus Trouble in Tokyo)

- Justice League Unlimited

As mentioned in another recent thread, right now I can't look past the end of 2008. There's a lot on my podcasting plate. But I would very much like to do another podcast with James, possibly a Marvel one. But we'll see.

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