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Hey, I have the first 28 Byrne issues in my closet. I like Alpha Flight, but to most of the reading audience, they're jobbers.

In another note, I really thought Dan was going to bust out Facepalm as an official rating.

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I thought about it. Sometimes, you almost feel bad about giving a book a skip, because it's like kicking it when it's down. It's almost not worth giving a book a skip, because no one could possibly take a half-second look at any random page and not put it back on the shelf. Pondering how this many people worked this hard at making something this useless was exasperating. It just drve me to the point of incoherence.

So no, I didn't care for it. But it's not the anger-inducing "fuck this book" levels of a Cable or an Anita Blake, it's just a, "Wow, that's fifteen minutes I'll never have back. Wait, I have to write about it now? Crap."


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