Robin #174... Spoiler is SPOILER


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See what I did there? :D

Anyway, it turns out the new Spoiler is actually the old Spoiler: Stephanie Brown.

Yup, Dr. Leslie Thompkins never let the poor girl die. Together, they faked Stephanie's death to get her away from the trappings of Gotham's dark underworld. Oddly enough, Batman suspected all this time... but never told Tim... because... because Batman's a dick? I don't know. They've yet to explain why Bruce kept that secret from Tim. Nor have they explained why Batman threatened to toss Leslie in jail if he knew (or suspected) all along.

Basically, this issue was a lot of retconning. Since Stephanie didn't die, that means Dr. Thompkins never violated her moral code. So expect the good doctor to be brought back into the Bat-family shortly. It also explains why Batman never erected a memorial to Stephanie in the cave.

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I could have sworn that her Robin costume was hung in the cave in an issue somewhere.

I thought this was pretty dumb really. Maybe we have to wait and see if Steph is going to fulfill some big role in upcoming Batman stuff but right now I'm annoyed that they took away basically the only big impact that still stood from the War Games event. Stephanies death lead to the only really emotional scene in that whole deal with Leslie finally being tracked down and shunned by Batman.

Can't a death mean something anymore? Was Spoiler really that essential to future plans? I guess we'll find out. At least one of the people Tim lost has come back, now its just his parents and two best friends who snuffed it.

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I could have sworn that her Robin costume was hung in the cave in an issue somewhere.

You would be correct. It was in a recent issue of Grant Morrison's Batman (i believe it was #672), but the sequence it appeared in was in a dreamstate. It also popped up in a recent issue of Action Comics during that Legion story but it was taking place in the future.

I don't get my shipment in from DCBS until next week so i haven't read the issue yet, but i always liked Spoiler and i am happy to see that she is back. I'll be sure to post in here with my thoughts after i read the issue in question.

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