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Countdown was utter crap.

I told myself I'd never buy another weekly series.

But...I had to check out my man Bags at DC. So I told myself, alright I'll give it one month.

One issue in, and it already pounded all 51 issues of Countdown into the dirt.

Characterization was great, Bagley's art was excellent, and the back up seemed to tie into the main story. If you had reservations about a weekly series after Countdown, this is a completely different book and deserves a look.

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Picked this up and read it last night.

I liked the main story, the characterization and the writing of the three heroes. It was great. But the backup story was fucking horrendously amateurish. What a piece of shit that was in muddled storytelling and terrible, terrible art (sorry Scott Mcdaniel, but you can do better).

I won't be picking this up ever, unless they publish the trades separately.

Bagley does a great Superman, though.

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