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Hello all.

I'm Slothian's sidekick on For Your Ears Only. As well as recording with him, I'm also a musician. Boston Dan picked up on my somewhat unique versions of the James Bond themes and asked if I had a CD release due. I actually do have a single out at the moment, though it's on vinyl, but download too, and so I thought I'd tell everyone about it, particularly as it has more relevance on the west side of the Atlantic.

I'm known as AFS in the music world, and my single is called Mothers' Day. The story behind it is as follows:

In the summer of 2001, a cassette tape was discovered amongst various items included with an Amiga 2000 computer purchased at a garage sale in Winnipeg, Canada. On the tape, a man gives instructions to his kids on how to set up their Amiga 2000 which he had just given to them. In the middle of the first side, he breaks from instruction and lets into them for not having sent their mother a Mother's Day card. This is the basis of Mothers' Day Part I. On the second side he continues his instruction until finally ending the recording with an apology. This forms Mothers' Day Part II. The recording's date is estimated at being from the early 1990s. Nothing is known about who this man is.

The record is currently out in the UK and I'm hoping to get it released in Canada, where it will probably have the most impact. You can find out more and listen to some audio by clicking the links below. I'd be especially interested to hear from any Canadians regarding this.

AFS MySpace

Mothers' Day site

Winnipeg Free Press article

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