The Greatest American Hero: Season One


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Sprung fully formed from the mind of Stephen J. Cannell, The Greatest American Hero is a dramedy about Ralph Hinkley, a Los Angeles remedial education teacher who's given a superhero costume by aliens. Why? Hell, it was 1981. We were lucky to get that much explanation. Anyway, along for the ride is Robert Culp as FBI Agent Bill Maxwell, an overly enthusiastic commie-hunter. He was ostensibly there to guide Ralph toward missions, but, really, it was so we could have the obligatory sensitive liberal / conservative jackass debates that were federally mandated by the Bickering Mismatched TV Partners Act of 1976. The only other person in on the secret is Pam Davidson, Ralph's girlfriend and attorney in his court battle to secure custody of his son, Plot Device. No, wait. Sorry, his name's Kevin.

The above is from:

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He was, at this point, precisely the right age for this shit.


I'm glad to hear the show (mostly) holds up. This was a favorite of mine growing up, and I've been fearful about going back, because I didn't want my childhood memories ruined. Now, I might have to add it to my Netflix queue.

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