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  1. Jaws 2 is still a decent movie. The sharp decline in quality really shows up in the next 2 films.
  2. Nope, although she has had several TGWTG producers on her podcast. Also, Cleolinda Jones. Also, guess who's moving to New Orleans in 2 weeks? This guy.
  3. You know what's the most frustrating thing ever? Having a beautiful, sexy woman on your bed, the only thing covering her nude form is your bedsheet, and she's playing D&D with LordKat right now. Only you can't touch her, because she's married; talk to her, cause she's gaming; or try to ignore her because she's on your laptop.
  4. Empire had the better ending. Luke gets his hand cut off, finds out Vader's his father, Han gets frozen in carbonite and taken away by Boba Fett. It ends on such a down note. That's what life is; a series of down endings. All Jedi had were a bunch of muppets.
  5. Tom, when you told us about this at the convention, I was kinda meh on it just on how you undersold it. Seriously, this is really good. Seriously, you and your co-producers deserve at least an A or a 90 or whatever weird British standard there is. Because that was fun. And funny. And brilliant. Well done, indeed.
  6. I should apologize to Kellen for bringing up the old Oratory meme. I should, but I won't.
  7. I show up about halfway through as the guy on the right side of the couch.
  8. George W.


    He claims he will have an episode up in a few days to explain the situation. Facebook post source. I'm not saying you're wrong (yet), but there is nothing on his blog or his twitter about it and his Facebook page is a fan page run by someone else.
  9. Wow. That was just... why does my childhood feel like it was horribly violated?
  10. Strap yourselves in folks, this is a long one.
  11. Between Adham photographing everything and Ian busting out his microphone at the drop of a meal, I believe we will have are activities very well covered. Too be fair, though, no one has done anything outrageously stupid...yet.
  12. The Drinkening part II: Electric Boogaloo. Now with 100% more Michael David Sims.
  13. George W.


    Couldn't even come drinking with us.
  14. The drinkening has begun.
  15. George W.


    Hey, James! I can see your gridlock from here.
  16. Have you ever seen Smallville? Seriously, Annette O'Toole was the only reason I kept watching after season 3.
  17. Watch the second one. Far more fun (minus Joe Pesci) and they actually feel like friends.
  18. First Edit: Room 1 - Will, Will's Friend, Kellen, Hannah Room 2 - Me, Damien Room 3 - Preston, Michelle AND NO ONE ELSE (aka the sexy naked fun time room) Room 4 - Ian, Stavros, Adham in the tub (aka the sexy naked British fun time room) Unaccounted for: ? I have no problems opening up the floor to a person as long as they are willing to split the bill, but Dubs will also have to approve since he called dibs.
  19. As we're getting down to the wire here, I say we go ahead and start working out the boarding details. I've booked a 2-bed smoking room from Thursday to Monday if someone(s) want to split the tab with me. Also, I'll be there a couple of days early to visit family and will have a car available to pick up and drop-off people if necessary. I will NOT be a designated driver, however, so don't even bother asking about that.
  20. In other words, no one's buying it since they removed the snarky humor, but there's too much invested in the conventions.
  21. I got hacked hardcore. They got into my twitter, posted some horrible shit, changed my background (For the record, I'm not black, my penis isn't that big, but my tits are way bigger), tried to get a free PS3 from E-Bay, and fucked my harddrive 9-ways to Sunday.
  22. Happy birthday to the man who can only have been conceived on April Fool's Day.
  23. 1 Gillete shaving kit 1 box giant Cheez-Its 1 Sweater 1 pair shoes that don't fit 1 gift card 1 very cool T-shirt ("I reject your reality and substitute my own") Complete Season 1 of the Human Target and a 2 TB External Hardrive
  24. Chris will not be able to post this, so he sent it to me in the chat for his day.