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It actually started out quite well, the background explaination at the start gave me hope that this would be Marvel's answer to The New Frontier. It never did live up to that but at least it was fun. There were some odd points where events in the action seemed disconnected (final fight, when did Thor Girl get knocked down?), and on several occasions they all agreed on a course of action and then suddenly it had already happened. They obviously sacrificed some key character moments throughout.

There were however enough decent references to the old avengers and those still around that it wasn't a complete disconnect from the original lore. I was left wondering who the parents of some characters were, like Thor Girl's or Hawkeye Jr's mothers.


Thor is the worst father ever. He refuses to even acknowlage his childs existance until she gets herself killed? What the fuck? Isn't this slightly justifying attempted self-harm as a means of getting attention in what is essentially a childrens film?

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I enjoyed it, would of be interesting if old man Logan appeared in the background somewhere though lol

God, yes. Wolverine is such an underused character, after all.

At the risk of a Marvel lightning bolt hitting me, why exactly am I supposed to care about Wolverine? The character never really did anything for me, so the marketing strategy of put Wolverine in everything and retcon him into every historical situation makes my teeth ache - I can almost see a Wolverine movie done in the same style as Forrest Gump, if Marvel had their way.

On a less ranting note, is it just me, or did Thor Girl get her sword from the 2002 reboot of He-Man?

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