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Not entirely sure if this is the right folder, but ho hum...

Over the weekend I picked up my first ever non-Simpsons comic - the collected works of Watchmen. And that's bloody brilliant. But for buying it, I got a free sampler of other Alan Moore-created characters. And whilst there were quite a few characters that looked intersting, I gravitated most towards the comics pertaining to Tom Strong. The sampler covered the character's background, then had a "Young Tom Strong" comic further on and a short comiv where his daughter flies his jet to another planet for a night out, without any dialogue whatsoever.

Anyone else come across this?

Oh, and there's a gorilla called King Solomon. His dialogue is the way I think I sound to all Americans when I appear on the podcasts.....

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Top Ten was far and away the best ABC book if you ask me, but Tom Strong was solid, too. I really enjoyed the digest-style format, but thought it sometimes got too cutesy and Saturday morning for its own good.

Could never get too heavily into Promethea, and while the League was good fun, I didn't develop the attachment for it that I did with Top Ten.

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