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I'm going to be looking to sell these at some point in the future. I just realized today that I never watch any of them.

I have every show from the beginning of Ring of Honor, to somewhere around the middle of 2003, and then a few scattered shows here and there, along with a bunch of shoot interviews. Covers a lot of the early Punk, Joe, Danielson era, the entire Punk/Raven feud and the birth of my crush/obsession with Allison Danger. I figured I'll post the list here before I do any eBay stuff. I'm probably going to go about 250-300 for the whole set.

Era of Honor Begins - Edited Retail Version (2/23/02)

Round Robin Challenge (3/30/02)

Night of Appreciation (4/27/02)

Road to the Title (6/22/02)

Crowning a Champion (7/27/02)

Honor Invades Boston (8/24/02)

Unscripted (9/21/02)

Glory by Honor (10/5/02)

All Star Extravaganza (11/9/02)

Scramble Madness (11/16/02)

Night of the Butcher 12/07/02)

Final Battle 2002 (12/28/02)

Revenge on the Prophecy (1/11/03)

One Year Anniversary (2/8/03)

Expect the Unexpected (3/15/03)

Night of Champions (3/22/03)

The Epic Encounter (4/12/03)

Retribution: Round Robin Challenge II (4/26/03)

Frontiers of Honor (5/17/03)

Do or Die (5/31/03)

Night of the Grudges (6/14/03)

Wrestlerave 03 (6/28/03)

Death Before Dishonor (7/19/03)

Wrath of the Racket (8/9/03)

Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies (8/16/03)

Beating the Odds (9/6/03)

Tradition Continues (10/16/03)

Main Event Spectacles (11/1/03)

The Conclusion (11/28/03)

Final Battle 2003 (12/27/03)

The Last Stand (1/29/04)

At Our Best (3/13/04)

Survival of the Fittest (6/24/04)

Please Don't Die (Best of Paul London)

Evolution of a Phenom (Best of AJ Styles)

The Phenomenon Continues (Best of AJ Styles #2)

Uncensored Vol. 1

Secrets of the Ring w/ Jim Cornette

Secrets of the Ring w/ Raven

Secrets of the Ring w/ Raven 2

Secrets of the Ring w/ Raven 3

Secrets of the Ring w/ Raven 4

Straight Shootin' w Mick Foley

Straight Shootin' w/ Jim Cornette and Bobby Heenan

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Half shoot, half instructional video for aspiring wrestlers.

Cornette's is fantastic, to the point I have the thing memorized. He basically just goes off on how everything is done wrong these days.

The Raven ones are a bit more specific. The first one is about being a babyface, #2 is about starpower, #3 is sort of a random one full of road stories and things, #4 is about working as a heel. He has an overinflated sense of his own work in the ring, but it's entertaining nonetheless.

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These are big if's but...

IF I get a job soon and...

IF I have enough money in the bank still when I get it...

I might be tempted to buy the whole lot of them.

And Seagull aint got nothing on me enjoying watching myself in the crowd, namely my terrible "Hey, that's my fucking chair" at Southern Navigation

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