Favourite Batman Beyond character?


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Well,WFP is going to be covering Batman Beyond for the next few months, so starting from now, we might as well have a favourite character in the series thread. Also in the same vein, post your least favourite character.

I'll go first


Mad Stan: 275px-Mad_Stan.jpg he coined the term awesome, then blew it up!

most hated:

I was going to choose Max, but I hate this guy much more:

Big time: Big_Time.jpg all round crap character in all round crap episodes.

Heres a link to BB rogues gallery wiki page: Here

Heres a link to general characters: Here

So you choose your two, post your answers and why you like dislike them.

You can change your choices at any point but have to give a reason.

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I'm not counting Joker, Freeze or Ra's since they're all superior to anything that BB came up with on it's own, but it's just not fair.

Magma was my favorite. He's the what the Thing might have been, and everyone knows how much I love Ben Grimm.

Least favorite was False Face. Ugh.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

I suppose I'll ring in on this even though she had no real characterization Dana was HOT

there's too many good characters for me to pick just one but if I had to pick a bad one I'd say payback

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