Futurama Benders game.


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I'm about thirty minutes in ahave noticed two things.

1. This is easily the worst of the three movies so far.

2. This movie is going to be cut up and release as one of the first few episodes of the series.

This movie is boring and I'm not laughing or enjoying this piece of crap.

My god it is so fucking dull.

If you haven't seem any of the movies watch benders big score and that is it.

This reminds me of the simpsons right before it fell off the edge.

Here's a line, but I'm putting it in spoiler tags:

Fry: Their funny.

Leela: Who?

Fry: Those three pest exterminators. Don't you find them funny?

Amy: Not really.

Leela: Sex and the city, now that show is funny.

I really wished I was joking.

Oh and the extras look shit, so all in all, I just spent £13.50 on a piece of shit.

My disc has stopped for three seconds for the third time!

This movie is pissing me the fuck off!

Also a continuity error:

Leela's name is Turanga Leela. So her last name is Leela, yet at her parents house, their mailbox says Turanga. Shouldn't it say Leela?

I usually don't notice stuff like that, but this was blatanltly obvious. God good this movie is so getting on my nerves, I'm having more fun ripping it apart here than I am watching this movie!

Oh for christs sake!

Now it's a horrible parody of Dungeons and dragons and Lord of the rings.

Right, that's it! This is no longer like an episode of the simpsons before it started to suck, this IS the simpsons when it sucked.

Right, I just finished the movie and it was easily not only the worst of the bunch but the worst episode of futurama I have ever seen.

This movie is fucking terrible.

Dear god. I laughed twice in 80 minutes!

I thought it couldn't get shitter than beast with a billion backs, but I sat through this!

I am taking this back!

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The extras are boring and uninteresting as well!

That's it!

Don't even download this! stream it on the internet if you can!

The extras are not interesting and not worth watching and are all shit, this movie is crap, I will not be caring about futurama when it comes back.

This DVD is abysmal and avoid it at all costs. Don't even rent it for £1, $1. It isn't even worth that!

This movie is not entertaining the extras are not worth it either and this is all round a total piece of crap!

Get the series boxsets! Then get benders big score! of you have spare money get the beast with a billion backs!

If you still have money buy a porn movie that has a plot about a woman in desperate need of help fixing her fold out couch, sure it's different from the normal porn movie concept of a plumber but at least if you support that you may get something worth fucking watching!

I'm serious, do not get this.

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