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This is the first time I've actually sat down to read this. I am really impressed. It reminds me of pulp secret on youtube with everyone taking a specific section and describing it, the only difference is here, you actually talk about the comics and don't make crap banter. Also it is fast paced, but you are still able to keep up and not wonder about what you just read, if that makes any sense.

I really wished I'd read the final crisis from the start now as after reading this it looks interesting, the only problems are coming in late and knowing next to f-all not the big three DC characters.

Rest from what was said looks like an interesting concept, badly played out.

I would check out the superman one, but I really am not a fan of superman in the slightest, and really just don't find him entertaining, Chris Reeves being the really big exception. Plus it seems like it plays a bit off the last arc which would mean I would walk on a bit lost already.

The hulk story looks shit, I mean a two story in twenty page comic just seems like shit to me with nothing actually being worth picking up. Flip through is the best answer as I would only do that, as like superman, I'm just not a fan of the hulk character.

Ghost rider seems to be that I would have to know about the Danny Ketch arc in ghost rider, so I'm giving that a miss as well.

So it was a great read, and all I'm really saying is, I wish I got into Final crisis earlier.

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Saltares and Palmer are on the Ketch book? Damn, I might have to pick that up. I wouldn't be so quick to say Quesada influenced him, I'd be as quick to say it's the other way around.

Preston, you hit Final Crisis right on its fine little noggin.

New Krypton upset me. On a whim I picked up the Jimmy Olsen oneshot and was fired up to get back into Superman but that special was so bland...just bland. The first few pages of the funeral were nice but that's about it.

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