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Erin B.

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Okay, I don't have a CD to promote. I couldn't sing well if my life depended on it. But my friends have a CD to promote.

Every year at the Three Barons Renaissance Faire here in Alaska there is a band of rogues and wenches that entertain us with songs of the sea and ballads of the bar. They are aptly named The Rogues and Wenches. They have a great CD full of seafaring favorites (Mingulay Boat Song, Rolling Home), pub songs (Seven Drunken Nights and Finnegan's Wake), sorrowful ballads (The Fields of Athenry, Loch Lomond) and some downright bawdy melodies (The Workman and the Maid, The Cuckoo's Nest). The album is called Spirits. It is available for purchase on iTunes for the bargain price of $9.99 for the whole album or individual songs for $0.99.

Buy the album and help support the Three Barons Renaissance Faire, The Rogues and Wenches, and all around mischief everywhere.

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I actually picked it up yesterday - really liked what I heard. Some of those songs I've been so used to hearing by soloists, that it's fun to hear some harmony - plus, I'm always a sucker for "Danny Boy", and the gent singing has the voice to sound like a da' sending his boy off to war. Thanks for the recommend.


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