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At an event in Japan to play up the March 28th, 5,980 yen ($64.73 -- yeah, they're going to charge that much for it over there) release of Dragon Quest IX for DS, Square Enix just announced Dragon Quest X is coming to the Wii. Considered the most important game franchise in Japan, this Dragon Quest announcement is a huge win for Nintendo and its Wii console. Sure, X wouldn't be the first Dragon Quest game to hit the Wii (the DQ spinoff Dragon Quest Swords was released on the platform earlier this year), but it would be the first true Dragon Quest sequel to hit a Nintendo console since Enix took the series to Sony's consoles with Dragon Quest VII (PS1) and Dragon Quest VIII (PS2). It's significant.

Unfortunately, few other details are known about the RPG yet, but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata (shown above with Square Enix president Yoichi Wada and Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii) was on hand and rightfully thrilled.

Interestingly, the new issue of EGM magazine has a rumor that Dragon Quest IX will also be appearing on the Wii, similar to how Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time will be playable on both the Nintendo DS and Wii. Whether this pans out or not, it's clear Square Enix is moving more of its development resources over to the Wii.


Do people outside Japan like the Dragon Quest series? I didn't really like the last one that came out or the PS2. While beautiful, it was extremely boring. I'm actually losing faith in Square Enix's ability to make good rpgs without the FF name on it.

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I'm actually losing faith in Square Enix's ability to make good rpgs without the FF name on it.

Hey, they developed The World Ends With You, which may well be my RPG of the year. It’s brilliant.

And yeah, Dragon Quest has a decent following outside of Japan. I think DQ8 (the one you played) sold around half a million in the U.S. It’s not my style of game, but I know a lot of people like the slower, more traditional gameplay style. I’m actually somewhat interested in DQ9, since it’s going to be focused around multiplayer. Being on a handheld helps too.

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I've got DQ8 and the wife played through it, but I never sat down to try it myself. I was always occupied with something else, and now it's been almost a year since I last powered on my PS2. I very rarely use the DS, too, so it's very unlikely I'll buy 9, and I can't imagine why they'd take 10 exclusively to the Wii. Just doesn't make sense to me.

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Do people outside Japan like the Dragon Quest series?

I'm looking forward to IX for the DS. It looks like a lot of fun. I hope they release VII for DS.

I just finished V this weekend. Not a huge fan of catching monsters to use in your party, but I had a couple good monsters at the end. I restarted IV last night and I am beginning the 2nd chapter. The battle system in V was definitely an upgrade over IV, because having to hit a button to move past every message is very tedious.

I loved DQ 8 for PS2.

I have no idea what Square-Enix is thinking with a December 31 release date for VI. Why wait until after the Christmas season? They might as well set a pile of cash on fire.

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