Favorite / Best: Danny Boyle


Favorite / Best: Danny Boyle  

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For me, Trainspotting is easily his best. It is tight, it is masterfully edited and gets away with black comedy at a frenetic breakneck pace. That's hard to do.

I like Shallow Grave the best though. It is very very tense and it is the tension I appreciate. Classic, almost a stage play. Very different from anything else, he's done.

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My favorite is 28 Days Later, but Trainspotting is his best.

Trainspotting is brilliant. From the acting to the writing to the music, everything works. From a technical standpoint, it's the better film. I openly admit that. But something about 28 Days Later hit a stronger note with me. I know a lot of people hate it, especially the jarring switch to the military base midway through, but that never bothered me. Overall it was eerie from start to finish, the pace was perfect, it could switch from touching to horrifying in a heartbeat and, really, I love the way it was shot. It's one of those movies I can sit down and watch at any given time.

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