90's Superman Animated Series

James D.

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What did everyone think of the 1990's animated Superman series? Overall, I liked it, though not as much as Batman. Dana Delany did a marvelous job as Lois Lane.

My favorite episode of the entire series was the episode where a bomb was planted in Clark Kent's car that would cause him to careen over a mountain ledge. Obviously, the bomb had no effect on him since he's Superman, but if he went back to Metropolis, people would find out that the only way he survived that was because he was Supes. But anyway, at the end of the episode, the real culprit is convicted and sentenced to death in the gas chamber. As he sits waiting for his immenent demise, he wonders quietly to himself how Kent could have possibly survived that crash. Then, he figures it out (with bloodshot eyes and all):

"He's Superman!"

At the very moment of his epiphany, the gas chamber lever is pulled and the episode ends. It was so awesome.

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As for the show as a whole, it was really good and I hope it gets the DVD treatment like BTAS.

Guess what I just found!


Release date: January 25, 2005 (the same day as BTAS, vol. 2)

Discs: 2

Episodes: 18

Season 1

01. The Last Son Of Krypton

02. The Last Son Of Krypton, Part II

03. The Last Son Of Krypton, Part III

04. Fun And Games

05. A Little Piece Of Home

06. Feeding Time

07. The Way Of All Flesh

08. Stolen Memories

09. The Main Man, Part 1

10. The Main Man, Part II

11. My Girl

12. Tools Of The Trade

13. Two's A Crowd

Season 2

14. The Prometheon

15. Blasts From The Past, Part I

16. Blasts From The Past, Part II

17. Livewire

18. Speed Demons

The two-disc set will include eighteen episodes of the show, each of which will be presented in full frame along with English Dolby Surround tracks. Kick starting the extra material will be audio commentaries on "The Last Son Of Krypton Part 1", "Stolen Memories", "The Main Man Part" and "Tools of the Trade" by producer Bruce Timm, producer Paul Dini, producer Alan Burnett, director Dan Riba, director Curt Geda and art director Glen Murakami. Completing the new package will be a featurette exploring the creation of Superman: The Animated Series, a featurette focusing on the supporting cast of Superman and a pop-up trivia feature on the "A Little Piece of Home" episode.
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Release date: December 06, 2005

Discs: 2

Episodes: 18

Disc 1:

Identity Crisis


Action Figures


Double Dose

Solar Power

Disc 2, Side A:

Monkey Fun

Brave New Metropolis

Ghost in the Machine

World's Finest: Part 1

World's Finest: Part 2

World's Finest: Part 3

Disc 2, Side B:

Father's Day

The Hand of Fate

Bizarro's World


The Late Mr. Kent

Heavy Metal

Special Features:

Video Commentary: On "Brave New Metropolis" and "World's Finest Part 1" with Bruce Timm (Producer), Paul Dini (Producer), Glen Murakami (Art Director), James Tucker (Character Design), Dan Riba (Director) and Moderator Jason Hillhouse.

Featurette: The Dark Side: Behind the Villians of Superman: The Origin and Evolution of Superman's Adversaries.

54 episodes were produced and with 18 episodes per set, that means there will be one more volume released during 2006.

I'm extremely pleased that the three-part "World's Finest" will be on here as well. I feared that they would leave it off because they already released it on DVD.

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