Superbowl '09 movie trailers *updated again*


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Transformers teaser is confirmed:

The Super Bowl spot is coming Sunday in the third Quarter (few minutes into the quarter slot). The spot will be online a few minutes after that - The full length teaser trailer will only be on Friday the Thirteenth. It will not hit the internet until a week later. The Teaser really only teases stuff - I'm holding so much stuff back from the final trailers because I personally hate going to movies where you have seen it all.

G.I. Joe is confirmed. See the trailer here.

Star Trek is expected.

Monsters vs Aliens is confirmed and will be in 3D at the end of the second quarter. You can find the glasses just about everywhere.

Angels and Demons is confirmed.

Land of the Lost is confirmed. See the trailer here.

Fast and the Furious is confirmed. See the trailer here.

Up is confirmed. See the trailer here.

Race to Witch Mountain is confirmed. See the trailer here.

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