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Jean-Claude Van Damme has confirmed to that he is working on Bloodsport 2, a true sequel to his first hit movie.

“You know, like, we’re gonna do Bloodsport 2," he told us in a recent interview. "Which was my first movie. And I want to do it now in a very mature way, where the guy from Bloodsport is a complete bum, maybe abusing his son."

The original Bloodsport spawned three follow-ups, but Jean-Claude was connected to none of them.

Studio Hesitant

Despite the recent success of latest movie JCVD, Van Damme is encountering some resistance from the studio.

“They told me, ‘No, no, no! You cannot make a movie in America where a father is abusing his son physically! It’s wrong."

“And you cannot be a guy on drugs doing karate and shit like that.’ I said, ’Why? Why? Tell me why.’

"It’s against the rules of success. But I believe the other rules of success. To show something real.”

Keep an eye on for more from Van Damme, including his thoughts on drug addiction, why he turned down Stallone's Expendables and the help tape he's looking to create.

Why would he want Frank Dux, the hero of the first movie beating his son and doing drugs? I would never watch Bloodsport again knowing how he turned out. I love Bloodsport. Don't make me stop loving it.

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I am fucking STOKED!!! for this. Bloodsport is one of my all-time favorite martial arts movies. I can't wait to see JCVD and it appears he sees the marketability in portraying a washed-up martial artists whether it is himself or his former heroic roles. Brilliant, I say. Bring it on!

Ku-matay! Ku-matay!

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