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Has anyone else picked this masterpiece up yet? It's a music game much like DDR, but instead of dancing along on a pad you pound away on a pair of bongos. It's a lot harder than it looks and is amazingly addictive. The only downside is that the disk features around 30 songs (but you do get to play each song on four different difficulty levels, making even "We Will Rock You" a bitch), so they better ship the expansion soon.

For $50 you get the game and bongo controller, which is a really sweet deal. Much like DDR, even non-gamers are going to playing this one.

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At a glance, it reminds me a lot of Samba de Amigo, which is one of my favorite games of all time. I can't imagine they'd have a better track listing on Konga than they did on Amigo, though.

In case you're unaware, Samba was a Dreamcast game using maraca controllers. You shook and positioned the maracas in time with the music. I never bought the maraca controllers, because it was fun as hell with the standard pad.

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GUH! I was just looking for a track listing, and the Japanese version has the Detective Conan themes as one of the songs.

Here's the American track listing:

All the Small Things


Busy Child

Campfire Medley

Dancing in The Street

Diddy's Ditzies

DK Rap

Donkey Konga Theme

Hungarian Dance #5 in G Minor

I think I Love You

Kirby Right Back at Ya

Like Wow

Louie Louie

Mario Bros Theme

On the Road Again

Oye Como Va

Para los Romberos

Pokemon Theme

Right Here Right Now

Rock Lobster

Rock This Town

Shining Star

Sing Sing Sing with a Swing

Stupid Cupid

The Impression That I Get

The Legend of Zelda Theme

The Locomotion

Turkish March

We Will Rock You

What I like About You

Whip It

Wild Thing

You Can't Hurry Love

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