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So I finally saw this movie after deciding to make 2009 the year I catch up on "all the movies people talk about that I haven't seen". After watching it I discussed it with some friends and got quite opposite views of it.

Friend 1

I really liked it. I was on edge the whole movie wondering who was going to get killed. Watching it with the wife was a real eye opener too - a lot of the racism parts were just washing over me (being a white Anglo male I was just saying to myself 'meh') but she has had to put up with racism her entire life and made me see that it was very cleverly done in the movie.

Matt Dillon was good. I also liked Ryan Philippe's doe eyed innocence, but then he often plays that sort of character. Oh, and the hot naked Mexican chick (a cop?). Grrrrowl....

Friend 2

Most contrived piece of crap I've ever seen - but unfortunately I couldn't get past all the Hollywood names gunning for kudos. If it had been on SBS in German I probably would had really liked it.

And seriously, Brendan Fraser as person of importance...give me a break.

I'm probably closer to friend 1 than to friend 2 but I see the points he is making as I felt some of the messages were being forced down our throat a bit.

How did you guys see this movie?

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