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It would be a great help if when giving the rundown of these older episodes, you give give a quick mention of if it's available on DVD in the US or....."tips" on where to find it. Doctors 1-3 and Doctors 6 and 7's stories on DVD are scarce in Region 1. (Apparently a stories chances of making it to Region 1 DVD increase insanely if it had the Daleks or Tom Baker. No McCoy love, sadly. And for some reason it looks like we'll never have a Region 1 DVD release of the TV movie.)

But, yeah. Just a quick mention of weather or not a story is available on DVD would be a huge help for those of us who are using things like Netflix to follow along with you guys.

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I always try to mention if a story is available on DVD or coming out soon, but I could probably put a little more emphasis on it.

For the record, the story we do next time, The Web Planet, is available on DVD, if you wanted to get a head start.

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