Lois & Clark on DVD in 2005


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We've asked Warner Bros about the series a few times over the past year and they've told us they're looking into it, and that they'd like to release the set, but it's never been scheduled. This morning we decided to follow up on the series again, and we were told that they are working on the set, and it'll be released sometime in 2005. We asked them to narrow it down, but they were reluctant to do so since the date could change.
source: TVShowsOnDVD.com

Not my favorite show in the world, but it will be nice to have some of the earlier seasons on DVD.

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I will be getting this. For some really odd reason I completly hooked on this show one summer and couldn't stop watching for the life of me. I think I have seen every episode and would gladly watch them all again. Dean Cain was a perfect Superman and did a great job with the character.

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June 7th!


-- 21 episodes on six discs, including the two-hour pilot

-- From Rivals to Romance: series retrospective documentary featuring new interviews with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher

-- "Taking Flight: The Visual Effects of Lois & Clark"

-- Pilot introduction

-- Limited-quantity commemorative bonus disc containing the never-before-released-on-DVD Smallville episode "Crusade"

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