Scott Pilgrim, volume one: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life


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Scott doesn't have to worry about much in life. At 23 years old he's perfectly happy to spend his days lounging around, living off his roommate and friends. Without a job or any long-term goals, he pretty much drifts through each day. His only real motivation is Sex Bob-Omb, the rock band he plays in. Of course, that doesn't stop him from charming the naive Knives Chau, a high schooler who quickly becomes Scott's biggest fan. But Scott's life goes through a bit of a shake up when an American delivery girl named Ramona Flowers starts showing up in his dreams. After a chance encounter with Ramona leads to an awkward but fun date, things start to look up. Of course, dating Ramona will take more than a bit of work on Scott's behalf. Not only does he already have a teenage girlfriend in tow, he'll have to defeat Ramona's seven evil ex-boyfriends in order to continue dating her, and they aren't going down without a fight.

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Excellent review. I too just recently tore through all five books in this series, its a real little gem. We had the same initial problems with the over-simplified art but it really does work well once you're used to it. The switch midway through the book was jarring but so much fun that I completely accepted it.

Good read, nice job Mr Robinson.

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Nice review, sir.

I picked up volumes 1 and 2 a few weeks ago and read both of them in an hour while in a state of flux. By the time I'd finished reading them I was desperately seeking more, so the next day I rushed out and picked up volumes 3 to 5. The artwork and humour in it really do help it stand out as a great little series to pick up.

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The only problem with reading the series at this point is that 5 ends on a cliff-hanger. I think I could probably read 1 to 4 and be okay, since they all have at least a little closure. But then 5 comes along and changes everything! I’m going to anxious for answers for a good long while.

The movie is looking awesome too. I have nothing but faith in Edgar Wright. Especially when he goes and posts pictures like this:


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