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Mr. Keith

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Since this topic seems to be brought in a lot of different threads and is ongoing in a current one, I figured we might as well have a discussion thread about it so we won't have to bring it up else where. You can discuss anything that has to do with NDS-PSP related whether it pertains to what you think the better handheld system will be, which will sell better, better current games, etc.

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How do you figure...? Price and battery wise it's going to suck, but Nintendo has nothing on it when it comes to power.

Well sales count and hardly anyone is going to buy a $350 handheld system. It's first couple of months sales will be that of hardcore Sony guys, rich kids and people who have to have all systems. Sony's current line up is Metal Gear Acid, which is a card game and a version of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children which only works on the PSP, when it also has a DVD coming out.

While Nintendo might not be anywhere near it's power, it's more than half the PSP's estimated price, is exploring originality, employs wireless technology that encourages friend use (meaning kids will tell their friends to get it so they can chat to eachother e.t.c) it has a reasonable battery life plus a good amount of quality line up games, with Metroid Prime: Hunters not too far away.

There are rumours going around that the PSP will come in different packages, with the cheapest being the basic PSP, the more expensive having all the aadd ons. If that is true, it might still stand a chance.

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Spoken like a true Nintendo fanboy, Heat. The lineup is way more than that and it won't be $350.

Care to name some names, cause those two, Grand Turismo and Devil May Cry are the only big name games I can think of for the PSP. I know they'll soon reveal some more big name titles, but so far they really haven't shown us much.

And I seriously doubt that PSP will jump first into a brand new martket at that high of a price when the DS is $200 cheaper. The maxium price of the PSP should be at least $300, and that in my opinion is pushing it.

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Word has it that there will be several versions of the PSP, each one with more features than the last (and more expensive).

Bah, I was hoping they'd take some features away from it certain ones and make it cheaper. There's just no way I'm watching DVD's on a hand held system nor do I want to pay for one.

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