Episode 318


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May 1984 saw the release of Secrect Wars #1, the first chapter in what would become the 12-part series that defined comic book events. Now, 25 years later, Dan Toland and Michael Sims discuss the impact the limited series had on superhero comic books. (Oh, and they also discuss the less successful and totally abysmal follow-up, Secrect Wars II.) [ 55:50 || 26.0 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_318.mp3

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When I was a kid I was a total Marvel zombie and the Secret Wars was a big deal for me . I used to read those final issues over and over again. The image of all those dead heroes with Cap's broken shield in the foreground. Powerful stuff to a twelve year old. I used to try simulating the Secret Wars using the Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Game. What a glorious mess. I am a big fan of Mike Zeck's artwork. His work, back in the day, on Shang-Chi, that Punisher limited series where Frank Castle busts out of prison and the Spider Man limited series where Kraven buries Spidey alive and takes his identity. Awsome.

I found Secret Wars 2 to be a deeply moving experience (in my bowels).

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