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MAG, or Massive Action Game will have 256 people online multiplayer. Judging by the video shown at E3, you are broke down into squads. Just like real war, you fight inch by inch. As you take out enemy bunkers or strongholds, you take away their ability to respawn there and you get to respawn there instead. As you take more of their spawn points, it backs them up until they are all in their own command center(I assume).

In each squad there is a squad leader with the ability to call in air strikes and such. These leaders are based on experience, and had to start out as a grunt like everyone else. Regular troopers get extra xp if a squad leader is near them. There are also platoon leaders, and one general on each side that controls the whole army during the battle. Like the squad leaders, these guys had to earn there way to their positions.

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