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Alright, so, I bought these tickets about a month ago as a college graduation gift for myself and my husband.

However, now we're moving, and we could really use the cash for other a couch.

These are two general admission three-day passes, in the form of e-tickets. Because they are e-tickets, they cannot be separated (shit like that's highly suspect, anyhow). Upon remission on the first day they give you a wristband that allows you to gain entry for the entire weekend.

Check out the roster here.

I know not many of you live in the area, but I also know people travel from all over to see this show. And, if you were coming in from out-of-town, Mike and I can put our heads together and try finding you a couch or floor to sleep on for free so you don't have to pay for a hotel room.

Full disclosure: I purchased each ticket for $190, which is the price they are still available for at Lollapalooza's official site. I would like to recoup the entire $380 I spent, but I know that might not happen. So send me a pm and make me an offer (and please, no bullshit offers of $2 or something equally insulting).



Mike and I (as we are at work right now, and can do this) just had a little pow-wow, and would LOVE to include the ticket purchaser on our show as a special guest reviewing each day of the concert. Think about it. If you're not into that, well, that's cool, too.

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