Episode 16


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As the third season of Doctor Who comes to a close, the TARDIS crew frees an enslaved civilization ("The Savages"), then they stop a supercomputer from destroying mankind ("The War Machines"). And when the dust settles, we're left with an entirely new set of companions. As Steven and Dodo make their exits, Polly and Ben find themselves unwillingly whisked away by The Doctor. [ 54:56 || 25.2 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggeronth.../bigger_016.mp3

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Hi. Loving the podcast.

I'm a big fan of the The War Machines. I think it's a great début for Ben and Polly although I agree that Dodo is given a very hasty send off. The producers might as well have had the Doctor say "Look I wanted a companion who epitomises swinging London and frankly you and your wavering accent don't cut it. You're fired!" I have always particularly enjoyed the initial relationship between Ben and the Doctor. There is a sense of instant trust from the Doctor and instant loyalty from Ben and in neither case does it feel forced. These are just two people who instantly click and work well together.

Looking forward to your thoughts on the last two Hartnell stories.

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What has me wondering is something I just thought of. When The Doctor leaves Steven in Charge and leaves. The TARDIS Traslates all.After the Doctor/TARDIS got out of range woundn't Steven and the others just start talking thier own languares (i never can that)leaving them unable to finish what had started? Other companions are in the same boat but some i think would just sit back and try to learn the lannguares.


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