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To settle the whims of Adham Fisher  

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Help determine the official statistics with your own views on The Living Daylights. And if you haven't seen it recently, what better excuse than to rewatch it, during this, The Summer of Dalton?!

Episode #16 is being recorded Sunday August 9th, so you have until then.

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Shag: Sorry, Adham, but Bond shagged that woman.

Russian assassin: Bond didn't kill him. The Russian had his hand on the wheel, which Bond jerked at the last moment. Considering how much smoke was filling the truck, I don't think Bond knew he was maneuvering the jeep over a cliff until it was falling. At that point, all he could do was escape.

Bridge: Right before Bond drops the bomb you can see that both tanks are next to each other, so it fits to reason that they were both destroyed.

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Of course Bond shagged the woman at the start Adham you are living in a fantasy world of your own imagining.

I think Bond kills the Russian. Yes the explosive was already on fire but it was Bond who steered the truck off the cliff and that would have killed the Russian even without the explosion.

I don't see any reason why both tanks wouldn't have been destroyed.

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