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The problem with Jamie so far has been that the stories were written before they decided to have Jamie join, so a lot of the time all they did was give him half of Ben's lines, or knock him out. Jamie really comes into his own over the next few stories, and particularly after Ben and Polly leave.

More complaints about the reconstructions...I've said it before, and i'll say it again LOL...but I genuinly think you'd be better off listening to the official BBC Audios with the added narration (and it's completely cleaned up so it's really easy to understand).

For me, the Moonbase is tolerable, but it's EXACTLY the same story as the Tenth Planet. The voices used in this and the next Cybermen story, are the ones that the New series have based their Cybermen voices on.

The Macra Terror, I quite enjoyed. It's also the debut of a new title sequence (the first with the Doctor's face in the titles).

I think you'll enjoy the next 2 stories a lot more than these two.

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The design of the Cybermen will stay pretty much as it is now until "The Invasion"

Being a big Jamie fan but not having seen these earlier stories I find it interesting that he initially hasn't made much of an impact. As has been said once Ben and Polly leave Jamie steps up in a big way and the dynamic between him and the Doctor becomes very strong. Partly I think from what they both go through in Evil Of The Daleks. The female companions that follow are designed to fit in with the Jamie/Doctor dynamic but both in very different ways.

As much as I know that you both are endeavouring to use the reconstructions I would strongly recommend you to get hold of the BBC audio version of Evil Of The Daleks. It is how I first encountered the story and I think it stands up very well in audio form even if the audio for the first episode is a little muted in parts. Either way I look forward to hearing your thoughts on one of my favourite Dalek stories.

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I should add to my earlier post, that if you are planning to watch a reconstruction of Evil of the Daleks, there's apparantly a new one completed this year which is supposed to be very high quality (with CGI, and new scenes filmed at the locations used) - http://www.recons.com/recons/lc31.htm

I don't know if that's the one you have, but people i've seen discussing it on other Doctor Who Forums are incredibly impressed by it.

i'd still recommend the BBC Audio's though LOL

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