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Everyone always complains about The WB/CW, and how their adaptations of superhero stories inevitably end up butchering the continuities of the tales we know and love with cheesy dialogue, unecessary love triangles, and all manner of unholy teen drama.

So I thought, "hey, why not embrace it?"

This is a story that centers on the characters from the Justice League as teenagers in high school together. It takes place in a completely different universe than the mainstream DCU, so the characters can go in totally different (and deliciously melodramatic) directions.

It's going to be a fun, Buffy-esque story that embraces witty-yet-cheesy dialogue and fun character moments.

It's called Teen Justice. Yes, you are supposed to laugh. :)

Here's the character list that I have thus far:

Clark Kent:

16 years old; in his Junior year.

Well-liked by everyone. Smart, but keeps to himself. The object of many a girl's affection, though he's completely oblivious to that fact. Transferred to Metropolis High from Smallville through a special journalism program.

Diana Prince:

16 years old; in her Junior year.

So overly gorgeous that she makes all her female peers hate her and all her male peers act like total morons in her presence. Still somewhat stuck in her black-and-white viewpoint that all men are corrupt, though her opinions will be challenged when she meets Clark and the others.

Although she was initially raised on Themyscira, she moved to America at age 14 so that she could attend an American high school and better learn the ways of man's world in preparation for her future role as the Ambassador of Peace.

Bruce Wayne:

17 years old; Senior year.

Although his actual home is in Gotham, he currently lives with Alfred in Metropolis so that he can attend the Excelsior Academy, a private school for kids whose parents have entirely too much money. He is the constant thorn-in-the-side of one of his peers at Excelsior, Lex Luthor. Although Bruce would rather ignore Lex, he views Lex's father's company, Luthorcorp, as a kind of ultimate corporate evil. His current obsession is stopping Luthorcorp's slow and secret takeover of the city.

His penthouse is where he and the other teen protagonists meet and hang out.

Bart Allen

15 years old; Sophomore year.

A kid that simply will not grow up. The only one of the main characters that's actually been at Metropolis High before this semester.

Lex Luthor

17 years old; Senior year.

Bruce's constant competitor. His father's company, Luthorcorp, is slowly gaining control of much of Metropolis, albeit secretly.

Lex utterly despises Bruce and would like nothing more than to crush Bruce's face under his heel for all to see. Unfortunately for Lex, Bruce knows Judo.

Arthur Curry

17 years old; Senior year.

He won't show up 'til the Spring semester. Still working on him. But he'll be cool; I promise.

Oliver Queen

17 years old; Senior year.

One of Bruce's few friends at Excelsior. Ironically hates big corporations despite the fact that he technically owns one.

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I know this is me, but personally, Wally would fit the role Bart has, and he has a much, much bigger history with the team.

And now, Yoda is going to ban me.

See, I thought of that, too, but Bart seems to fit the personality a little better. I'm open to stuff, though. I could very well end up switching it around, especially since it would open up possibilities for Bart to be someone's annoying kid brother or something.

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Suggestion if you start debating on which Green Lantern to use, use all four earth based ones and they're the hall monitors? None of them have to have power rings, they're just background characters mostly and then, later on, give them one ring that they have to take turns using.

The other thing to keep in mind, since this sound like a satire of shows on the CW, the networks usually want a new series to include at least one minority character and you only have one female lead so two birds, one stone, use either Mari McAbe (Vixen) or an make Zatanna Asian. Either that or Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning) is the Principal.

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I think Hal and Barry as the All-American jocks has potential. :P

That sounds pretty cool, actually.

I wanted to have Barry be the Flash, but Clark already has the boyscout angle covered. Maybe he can come in later in the story when the "team" actually starts to form. ('cause then he'll at least have his powers to differentiate himself from Clark)

Or Kyle as the ladies' man. :P

Guy is the arrogant jerk who somehow always gets a girlfriend.

Actually, it'll be Hal, and he'll be both those things. He'll come in later in the story, along with Aquaman.

Suggestion if you start debating on which Green Lantern to use, use all four earth based ones and they're the hall monitors? None of them have to have power rings, they're just background characters mostly and then, later on, give them one ring that they have to take turns using.

Um... not quite.

See, the story isn't literally the DCU translated into the high school world; it's the characters put into a high school setting. So...

-Guy would be on the football team

-John would be the quiet kid who's a whiz in math and woodworking classes

-Kyle is the artistic-yet-still-masculine guy that all the girls want to date

-Hal is the guy who talks back to his teachers, puts his feet up on the table, drives a 1992 Z28 Camaro faster than he has any right to, and gets girls (and himself) drunk.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Mmkay; I posted the first few chapters. Any and all criticism is appreciated.

Teen Justice

There is a tale you know. One of heroes and villains, and the struggles that define them.

You know these heroes:

Our adopted savior, sent from another world.

An Amazon princess, the ambassador of peace.

An orphaned knight, fighting from the shadows.

A king of the seas, protector of its denizens.

A man with the speed of light itself.

An emerald guardian, tasked with protecting many worlds.

Theirs is a tale of myths and legends, locked in neverending battle for the lives of innocents.

Their stories have been writ a thousand times over, and their triumphs are known the world over.

But this is a different story.

In a world far separated from the one we know, those same heroes are but mere youths. Though they may resemble their familiar counterparts, their destinies are not the same. Some will still rise up as heroes, but others may not.

This is a tale of love, betrayal, anger, hope, desire, and woe.

(syn: high school)

The New Transfer, Pt 1

The new transfer is coming in today. The one from Kansas. Ugh; do they even teach journalism out there? What the hell would they report on, exactly? The rising price of fertilizer?

Not that we don't need more help, but this is Metropolis. How could anything in the hick town of--what was it called again? Ugh; whatever--how could anything in a hick town like wherever-he's-from compare to Metropolis?

The young editor looked up from her desk. She was in charge of the school paper at Metropolis High, which, despite the fact that it was a public school, had one of the best high school journalism programs in the country. The paper, The Daily Star, reported on more than just the school goings-on. The Star was, essentially, a local professional newspaper written for the youth of Metropolis. The very best student reporters from the Star were often immediately hired at The Daily Planet upon their graduation. This particular student had made it her life goal to get into the Planet at all costs, and most everyone expected her to do just that. After all, she was effectively running the paper, and its success reflected extremely well upon her. It was immensely frustrating to her, therefore, that the one transfer student that Metropolis High accepted into the journalism program this year was a farmboy hick who likely knew nothing about writing and could jeopardize her entire career.

She heard a knock on the office's door. Looking up, she saw a boy that looked as out-of-place as anyone could possibly be in this city. He stood up straight--which was a rare sight in this school full of slackers--and wore a red plaid shirt that screamed "I LIVE ON A FARM."

Nervously, he spoke.

"Hi, um... I'm Clark Kent. From Smallville."

Lois Lane couldn't help but smile a little at that name. It couldn't have been more stereotypically midwestern if it tried.

Clark Kent. From Smallville. That is just perfect.

The New Transfer, Pt 2

Lois still had a grin on her face for a few seconds after Clark had introduced himself. She stared at him almost like a predator--he was a heaven-sent target for mocking. Lois was known for her sharp tongue and relentless verbal abuse. The dozens of different derogatory nicknames she could use for Clark almost made her dizzy with joy.

Clark just looked awkwardly back at her, perplexed by the look he was getting. It had been nearly ten seconds now, and he had no idea why she was staring at him. They were alone in the Daily Star office, and it was getting more uncomfortable by the second.

Lois's thoughts were a blur of excitement.

What should his nickname be?

Kansas Kid? Ick. That sounds stupid. Come on, Lois, you're a better writer than that.

He seems kinda nerdy; I wonder if he wears sweater-vests? "Sweater Vest" would be GREAT. He'd hate me for that.

No, wait a second... what was the name of his town? Smallville. That's it. Smallville... perfect...

He's looking at me funny. Why is he doing that? ...Oh my god; I forgot to actually RESPOND when he made his little introduction!


...Why am I still not saying anything?!

Clark broke eye contact and looked bashfully at his feet.

Lois suddenly realized why she had frozen earlier.

Oh god; I think I was stuck looking in his eyes.

She quickly shook herself free of her mesmerized state and cursed the color blue under her breath before abruptly and cheerfully returning Clark's introduction.

"Hi, I'm Lois Lane. You're the new transfer?"

Clark brightened up and flashed a big smile.

"Yeah! That's me."

Great. He has an amazing smile, too?

Lois quickly rolled her eyes when she next blinked, getting annoyed at Clark's farmboy earnestness (and its accompanying attractiveness). Switching back into her usual abrasive persona, she set Clark in his place.

"Well then, Smallville, you work for me now. Grab a desk; I've got work for you."

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