Mr. A #1 Reprinted


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The news broke last week, but I just found out that Steve Ditko and Robin Snyder have reprinted Mr. A #1. The original issue was a collection of Steve Ditko's Mr. A stories and came out in 1973. To get an idea of what Mr. A is like, The Question as he was originally created was Mr. A lite. The stories convey Objectivist ideas, which Ditko has dedicated his creator owned work to from the later 60's to the present, but unlike Ditko's later work, the ideas do not overtake the stories. I'm a huge Steve Ditko fan, and his Mr. A stories are some of if not his finest work. If you ever wanted to see Steve Ditko's work in its purest form, this is your chance. The reprint is black and white, 33 pages, and 8.25 x 10.5. Ditko's current publications are not available through Diamond, but you can order a copy through eBay for $5 here.

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