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According to Forbes, Will Farrell is the most most overpaid actor in Hollywood.

For every $1 Ferrell was paid, his films earned an average $3.29.

Number 2 is Ewan McGregor.


The actor with the biggest return is Shia LaBeouf.

for every dollar he was paid, LaBeouf's movies returned an average $160 for the studio.


I think LaBeouf is just damn lucky. Transformers and Indiana Jones kind of makes it look like he's a bigger draw than he really is.

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Ferrell being #1 in that list isn't overly surprising - I think he pretty much peaked with Anchorman. There's definitely a case for stars not adjusting their fee for the kind of film they appear in, which is why Ewan McGregor being second surprises me. I'm also surprised by Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio & Samuel L. Jackson being in the list, even though I imagine they are paid substantially more.

Shia LeBoeuf has the advantage of Spielberg/Lucas/Bruckheimer patronage given the roles he's chosen to take on. I'm not trying to disparage the guy, I'm just saying that people aren't neccessarily flocking to the cinemas to see Louis from Even Stevens. Very few on the best value list (James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Downey Jr, Javier Bardem, Aaron Eckhart) surprise me. I'm only really surprised by my man Christian Bale, if only because he doesn't demand a higher fee given the number of blockbusters he does.

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Samuel L. Jackson doesn't say no to anything. That's why he's on there.

I didn't respect Leonard DiCaprio because I thought he was just a someone to bring teen girls to see his movies. Then I watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and I saw that he's actually a great actor. Until Shia makes his Gilbert Grape, I won't respect him.

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Until Shia is the marquee name in the movie poster, he isn't "the best bang for buck" as far as I'm concerned.... Johnny Depp might be getting $35million for Pirates 4, but I would say he is a HUGE % of the success of that franchise, so it's justified (to a certain extent). Shia's character in Transformers and Indy could have been played by Zac Effron or Turk from Scrubs and the movies would have grossed similar amounts...

And Jack is absolutely correct with Leo, he gets a bad run because he is good looking, but he has some fantastic performances in his resume.

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