Episode 19.5


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In this special mini-episode, Ian and Adham take a break and hand over to Erin Bentley, who recently attended a panel on Ian Fleming by Bond author Raymond Benson at this year's Bouchercon World Mystery Convention. Of course, being For Your Ears Only, a mini-episode still goes over an hour, but the panel provides a great insight into the background of Fleming and the basis for his most famous literary creation. [ 1:03:37 || 29.1 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/foryourearsonly/episodes/foryourearsonly_019-5.mp3

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Wow, this is awesome. Lucky i check earth2 every now and then otherwise i wouldnt find this till the second Thursday of December (im dreading THAT episode). Note they say Creg not Craig. that's just weird.

I'll say. I met a girl in Canada who had the same surname and I reckon we didn't hit it off because I got so confused with how she said her surname. That and I was bleeding from the nose after a mighty tumble whilst snowboarding. I've had better cable car conversations, put it that way.

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Bit late, but yeah, great work Erin. Very informative panel, heh, even if Ian and Adham shrugged off the entirety of the man's work, along with the rest of the post-Fleming work as "Eh, if its not Fleming..."

Anyway, it is a good look at the man who created this legacy. BTW, I've read the James Chapman book, and it also does a good job at discussing Fleming, his works and influences. Doesn't go into the post-Fleming literary Bond, but then again the character had fully established himself as a movie titan by that point.

Though I wonder what would it take for the literary Bond to take off again, as books spun from movie franchises do succeed, the Star Wars Expanded Universe is probably the best known example, but then again that grew because of the layoff between live-action Star Wars products, and I don't see MGM shutting down the Bond franchise for any length of period for a Bond "expanded universe" to cultivate in.

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