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Exclusive: Signed/Numbered INVINCIBLE GENE COLAN

This coming February, Marvel Entertainment will release THE INVINCIBLE GENE COLAN. It is a stunning visual tribute and biography of one of the most brilliant, sublime and influential comic artists in the genre’s history. Including observations from Stan Lee, Neil Gaiman, Walter Simonson, Marv Wolfman, Tom Palmer and John Romita Sr., it also contains tons of Gene’s beautiful, eye-popping art.

Aardwolf Publishing will have exclusive signed & numbered copies as well as the extremely limited double-lettered remarqued, book-plated edition (each containing a unique sketch from the hand of Gene Colan).

To order yours, go to Aardwolf Publishing’s web site.

I will probably be grabbing the signed/limited now that I actually own Gene Colan pages but the numbered with a sketch is enticing.

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Official press release.

Hero Initiative and Marvel Comics Proudly present The Invincible Gene Colan

Los Angeles, CA, December 7, 2009: With more than 65 years at the drawing board, Gene Colan proved himself to be Marvel's most dedicated, and one of its most important artists. Now Hero Initiative and Marvel Comics have created a breathtaking collection that looks back at Colans important career and phenomenal work as no other volume has before. The Invincible Gene Colan is a 128-page hardcover book that showcases Genes amazing art, and includes important analysis from Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, John Romita, Walter Simonson, Neil Gaiman, Tom Spurgeon and Tom Palmer.

Originally solicited as a softcover, The Invincible Gene Colan is now a hardcover, at the same price of $19.99. Net proceeds will benefit Gene Colan. The book can be ordered in the Hero Initiative section of Diamond Previews, using order code DEC090880. Orders must be in by December 24, 2008, and the book will be in-stores February, 2010. Through special arrangement with Marvel Comics, there will be only ONE printing of this book EVER.

"As a fiction writer in the early 1990s, I had the profound good fortune of seeing Gene Colan illustrate several of my stories," said book Editor Clifford Meth. "Then, last year, Gene contacted me with the hopes of finally retiring. That call sparked the genesis of this book. The Invincible Gene Colan is a lasting and long-overdue tribute to perhaps the greatest master to touch the comic art form. Gene Colan is the Bob Dylan of visual storytelling. He is quite simply without peer."

"It's quite an honor to have the most iconic, respected and beloved comic book company, Marvel Comics, publish a book honoring my career," said Gene Colan. "It was apparent from the time I was a young boy that I had talent drawing. As I grew older, I began to sharpen my skills and point them in the direction of comics, my passion. Since 1946 it's been a thrill for me to be part of the Marvel family. And it really is a family! The Invincible Gene Colan is the culmination of a 63 year relationship with Marvel. I'm deeply grateful!"

Please place your orders with your favorite retailer immediately. You will not want to miss out on adding this amazing collection.

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Today on his blog, Clifford Meth was interviewed about Gene Colan and introduces it thusly:

The below is an interview that I just gave to John Hogan, the editor of, regarding The Invincible Gene Colan (Marvel Entertainment), which I believe is just weeks away from shipping.
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Marvel's new ship date for The Invincible Gene Colan has caused Diamond to move into an "order adjustment process." The earliest the books will arive at Diamond's warehouse is Apr 28, which means the earliest street date is now May 12. No one regrets this delay more than Gene Colan and I.

In the mean time, there's been many stories of Gene's failing health, but I spoke with Gene at length on Monday; his recent medical procedures went very well and he was in great spirits and sounded as young and chipper as I've heard him in decades. It doesn't appear that he will making any convention appearances any time soon, though.


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And if you're cool like me, then you ordered the expensive sketch edition which Meth has cleared up as follows:

Yes--The limited editions will lag about two weeks behind Marvel. These are Marvel books that will have tipped-in signature pages.

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Updates from Clifford Meth.

Just hung up with Gene. His pain is constant but controlled. He will not begin physical therapy until the bones are healed.

If you receive a phone call from anyone saying that they are calling at Gene's request, you are being scammed. Gene can call anyone he needs to call.

Saw Gene last night. Lots of improvement. Of course, I forgot his shoulder was broken and tried to hug him. When I get to hell, I'm sure they'll remind me of that one.

After 16 days of hospitalization, Gene Colan is taking regular walks now, but his doctors still aren't ready to release him yet. His shoulder injury requires that he receive extra care once he gets home and he’ll also be walking with a cane now. While his bones are expected to heal in another ten weeks or so, Gene (now 83) will need ongoing physical therapy.

The broken wing also means Gene won’t be drawing and, thus, will be unable to earn a living any time soon as much of his income depends on commissions.

So Gene’s friends responded with the three most important words in the English language: Let me help.

Items for an art and comics auction are now being collected and you'll soon see a piece from Gene’s pal Walter Simonson at Walter’s Facebook page… Harlan Ellison and Stan Lee are also participating.

Glenn Hauman of ComicMix will work with me to solicit artists for contributions beginning this weekend.

Want to participate? Contact me at

Want to help right this minute? Order The Invincible Gene Colan from Aardwolf

Details to come as this develops.

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