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Here's the deal, I set my tape to record InuYasha on Wednsday (I was going to a hockey game) but a brief power outage fried it's timer and clock memory so it didn't happen, I need episode #11 "The Terroe of the Ancient Noh Mask" Preferably an english version, I don't want to read subtitles for 20 minutes. Just post the links please or send them over to Skyre (he's nice enough to put it on a CD for me)

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I didn't finish it. I said I started to download it. As I was saying earlier I couldn't find the individual episode. I'm found a ten episode torrent though. All ten episodes are over 1000 MB, so its gonna take a while to finish. Also my internet is going incredibly slow today(2kbps, that would even be slow for dial-up). So far I have about 8% downloaded. I'm gonna leave it running overnight and while I'm at school tomorrow, so that'll take up over half the download time.

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