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Creative Team: Robert Kirkman (Writer) and Nelson Blake II (Artist)

Just read the first issue. This is pretty fun, confusing at first as to what all the word boxes were, but then it was explained to me. I haven't really read any Top Cow before, and this was w\awesome. I don't know if this is the first time this guy has been in comics, but if he hasn't, I hope that they give more backstory to him in a later issue.

I don't wanna spoil much because this is a really good comic, but basically its all about this guy who can read minds, except not in the way most mind readers do in comics. What he mostly does is read current thoughts, and if he wants to go in further in their brain he can obtain the whole story of that person's life in a second. He uses his abilities and kick ass weapons for good, by stopping awful events that could happen in the city. He does all this by stalking people and reading their minds.

I understand how this guy wasn't disappointing from reviews I have read of Walking Dead, though I haven't read that or Marvel Zombies or the issues he did on Ultimate X-Men. So he's pretty new to me.

I have never seen any of Nelson Blake's art, so here are some of my thoughts on how well he did here. The art suits the story very well, as when he is out doing nothing in the city, the art becomes boring and almost unnoticeable, so you automatically notice the great writing (not that the art is bad at these parts, but that you've already been told its flawless, yet not amazing). When the writing makes you interested in a part, you get excited even when the art feels same old for some reason already, but the art does get a highlight I have been trying to get to, when the main character's going farther in with the mind reading, you get a full page of art divided within this circle around the person being mind read. That page right there needs no word balloons. Their may of been a page before this going in depth with the mind reading, but when I think about it, it was unnecessary.

I'm unsure of whether this series is a mini or not.

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