Episode 124


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It's all about body parts this week as Darryll and Desmond watch the original Pang Brothers film, The Eye. Then Desmond smells, I mean, reviews Jeff Strand's novella The Severed Nose. Check out Movies About Girls at www.moviesaboutgirls.com, and make sure to vote for Dread Media in the Earth-2.net Mainpage Awards. Or I'll cut your nose off! Tunes include: "Electric Eye" by Judas Priest, "Caught My Eye" by Danzig, "Nosebleed" by the Deftones, and "Witchdoctor" by Clutch. [ 1:08:52 || 31.7 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/dreadmedia/episodes/dreadmedia_124.mp3

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The Severed Nose is not an homage to Gogol's story, but it could have been if I'd been aware of it, since they both start out with the discovery of a severed nose. Somebody asked me the same question when I first announced my book, and I pulled up the story online and immediately thought "Oh, crap! I'll never be able to claim that a story written in 1835 ripped me off!" Fortunately, the stories veer off in completely different directions.

Ironically, the cover and interior illustrations of The Severed Nose feature "humanized" noses, which don't appear in the actual book (the severed nose is just a regular ol' severed nose) and would be more appropriate for Gogol's story, in which the nose can talk and move.

By the way, if you don't think that 1835 Russian literature about noses can be awesome, here's an excerpt:

Ivan Yakovlevitch donned a jacket over his shirt for politeness' sake, and, seating himself at the table, poured out salt, got a couple of onions ready, took a knife into his hand, assumed an air of importance, and cut the roll open. Then he glanced into the roll's middle. To his intense surprise he saw something glimmering there. He probed it cautiously with the knife — then poked at it with a finger.

“Quite solid it is!” he said to himself. “What in the world is it likely to be?”

He stuck in his fingers, and pulled out — a nose! .. His hands dropped to his sides for a moment. Then he rubbed his eyes hard. Then again he probed the thing. A nose! Sure enough a nose! Yes, and one familiar to him, somehow! Oh, horror spread upon his feature! Yet that horror was a trifle compared with his spouse's overmastering wrath.

“You brute!” she shouted frantically. “Where have you cut off that nose? You villain, you! You drunkard! Why, I'll go and report you to the police myself. You brigand, you! I have already heard from three men that, while shaving them, your pulled their noses to the point that they could hardly stand it.”



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