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Yes, but that's what made the Thunderbolts review work, you hated the comic, and you didn't fuck about with why you thought it was shit.

But on with other things: Greek Street. Des, it sounds like this book became Unwritten, a book with an interesting concept that has gone down the drain. I may still get the first trade, as I like Greek mythology too, but that'll be it.

Batman: Streets of Gotham: Always a good book. DC didn't mention that Dini was taking another break from the book, until it came out and you saw it on the shelf.

Superman/Batman: Interested in the artist, don't care about the story, so I didn't bother with it.

Brave and Bold: Wanted cause the cover looked awesome, read the preview, premise looked annoying, left it.

Fall of Hulks: Great review, but I don't care about the Hulk or read much Marvel.

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