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Awesome reviews Dubs, Des and Sean.

Spider-Man: I'm not getting, not plan to. But ha, that is funny Dubs.

Gotham City Sirens: It's an art book, and I didn't like the art, so dropped it after issue 3.

Green Lantern 50: Got it, read it, put it away, thought it was good, but because I'm not reading BN.

Demonic: Not on my radar to be honest.

RoboCop: Yip, Des said it all.

Supergirl: I've read a little, thought it was good, but because I just don't like Superman in general all that much, I'm skipping this.

Edited: Nevermind.

Edited by suavestar
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Earlier this week both DW and drq told me I could use their real names (or a variation when it comes to Sean) for the site. So that's how they'll be credited from now on (and retroactively).

Des: Glad I'm not the only one who really likes Robocop 2. Maybe I'll give this book a try.

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