Where oh where is my fave podcast?


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It's just taking a week off because Mike needs a break, it's not been cancelled permanently.

From the Site News bar on the main page:

08 March 2010 — I'm currently going through a rough patch, hence the reason World's Finest Podcast, Earth-2.net: The Show, and Bigger on the Inside were recently delayed. Due to that, this is going to be a very light week. I hope to have WFP 74 posted soon, but I can't confirm a date. Everything should be back on track by next week, however.
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Dan and I recorded episode 34 this evening, and it will hit the site on Sunday. The problem is, I'm super busy all weekend long and I don't know when it will be edited. So, yeah, expect it Sunday, but it might be later at night.

did you record it before or after the new trailer was posted? will we have to wait another 2 weeks to get your thoughts and excitement :D

actually, i just realised that the next episode (35) after that will be released the day after the new series starts...wow...it's really close now isn't it.

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The trailer is discussed... sort of. We tried to stay spoiler-free, so that limited what we could say.

After we finished recording, Dan told me that episode 35 will air the day after the premier, and that shocked both of us. Like you, it made us realize how close it is. :w00t:

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