Episode 36


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First the guys spend a few minutes discussing "The Eleventh Hour" and "The Beast Below" (spoiler-free, of course), then they're visited by Adam and a special guest. Following that, they cover "The Daemons," the end of the eighth season, and "Day of the Daleks." [ 1:21:25 || 37.3 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_036.mp3

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another good episode.

The Daemons is beloved by everyone who worked on it and is regarded as a Classic. I'm not so fond of it, but it is entertaining, and well made. Regarding the Brigadier in bed, there was a plan to have a woman answer the phone and pass it to him, but they decided not to. Also like the use of a James Bond clip (the helicopter exploding is from "From Russia With Love"

As I said last week, I have enormous fondness for Day of the Daleks, because it was one of the first DW videos I got in the late 80's, and was one of 4 stories i had for a few years and rewatched endlessly. I rewatched it recently for the first time in ages, and loved it all over again. It's a tremendously smart episode, with everything neatly fitting (aside from the Doctor and Jo meeting themselves at the beginning...there was supposed to be a second scene at the end where they are the ones from the future meeting themselves, but it was cut). Yes, i suppose the Dalek's don't do much (they were a last minute addition), and the direction (plus the decision to paint one of them yellow) does nothing to stop us seeing that they only had 3 of them, and I agree the voices aren't the best (it's mainly the speed of delivery that's the problem..for their next appearance they get back one of the actors who did the voices in the Troughton era and it's a great improvement). But I just don't care, and actually, it's fun to see the Daleks as the all powerful conquerors again...and in a way, I wish that they'd just embraced the situation of only having 3 casings, and referenced the fact that this small squad of Daleks was all that was needed to subjugate this area of the Earth.

Also, you mentioned Pertwee's obsession with different vehicles...it only gets worse and more extreme from here on in, and reaches a ludicrous peak in his last story.

I really like Jo, and find she works well with the 3rd Doctor. Hope she grows on you.

Mixed bag of eps for the next story. I'm looking forward to your comments on the incidental music of the Sea Devils, and i'm one of the few fans who doesn't like the Curse of Peladon.

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Don't know if I should start a new topic for this but since you guys have been discussing Jo, I'll put it here...


There's a Doctor Who thread in the Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy forum. I know someone already posted a link to that story but you're more than welcome to join us with your imput.

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