Episode 403


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Thoughts on the DC end of the stuff:

-Booster Gold is keeping the same numbering.

-I would so read Bendis or Johns writing Wonder Woman.

-The Reddick and Simsy aka The Golden Hoodie award.

-Faces of Evil was last January.

-I agree on the trades. I rarely buy hardbacks unless they're in the bargain bin. Hell, I'd go one further and wonder why some of the older stuff isn't collected yet in color. The Showcases are awesome but I sometimes like 4 colors in my 4 Color media.

I probably won't get to listen to the Marvel stuff until later so I'll be able to contribute to that end of the discussion later.

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-Booster Gold is keeping the same numbering.

Thanks for the correction.

-Faces of Evil was last January.

And the trade the Kobra special was collected in was released in February 2010. That's over a year after the special was published. Worse still, the three issues of Checkmate it also collects (#23-25) have cover dates of May-June 2008. That's way too long to wait for the trade.

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